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In 2010, KVH Industries Norway AS opened in the coastal city of Horten to support manufacturing, research and development, as well as sales, marketing, and support. Central to this effort is the production of KVH’s CommBox™, a ship-to-shore network management product which offers a range of tools designed to increase maritime communication efficiency, reduce costs, and manage network operations.

The CommBox’s contribution to seamless maritime fleet management is in line with KVH’s strategy to serve the global shipping market. As well, the country of Norway, along with Denmark, manages approximately 15% of global fleet tonnage, making the KVH Industries Norway operation critical to the company’s goal of connecting in-motion offshore customers with the same digital services they rely on in their homes and offices.

KVH’s Norway office is also a support center for sales of the company’s high-performance fiber optic gyroscopes and FOG-based inertial navigation systems to the European space and oil industries.


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KVH Industries is always looking for talented individuals who work effectively in a fast-paced, team environment to achieve extraordinary results. Exciting opportunities exist for enthusiastic, creative, flexible, and driven individuals to work in a dynamic, rapidly growing company.

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All About the Region

Horten and the surrounding area are known for the Borre Park, Norway’s first national park, which includes the resting place of Scandinavian kings and Viking seafarers. Tourists and art lovers flock to the home of painter Edvard Munch and the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum. Its coordinates of 59 degrees north, 10 degrees east place Horten and the surrounding region in a locale that enjoys long days in summer, and snow in winter. Beach going, golfing, and shopping along the famed Storgaten, in the heart of the city, are popular pastimes.

The real estate market in and around Horten includes affordable apartment and house rentals. Mortgages are also available. For real estate information in the region, consult:

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