“Integration into our INS couldn’t be simpler or more precise. The mechanical integration was easy, too. KVH’s engineers were prompt and responsive in all communications. They’ve got a team of true pros.”

- Ben Kinnaman, President and CEO, Greensea Systems, Inc.

The Precision Required

From our earliest days, we have been committed to delivering precision in navigation, positioning, and stabilization for autonomous vehicles, vessels, drones, military vehicles, and more. We’ve led the way with breakthroughs like the first-ever digital compass, innovations in fiber optic gyros (FOGs), and now our groundbreaking photonic chip technology, all designed to meet both the most challenging specifications and our customers’ highest expectations.

Pointing & Stabilization Maritime Navigation  Autonomous Vehicles 


The Assurance of Unjammable Data

So much of today’s modern technology relies upon GPS positioning but what do you do when satellite navigation is unavailable, disrupted by the cityscape, or jammed by hostile forces? Engineers turn to our precision, unjammable FOG-based navigation solutions to ensure that critical navigation is assured at all times, that the safety of travelers is maintained, and that soldiers can complete their missions safely.

Assured Position, Navigation, and Timing 


Proven in the Field and in Battle

KVH’s innovative navigation solutions prove themselves every day in the most demanding environments. Autonomous vehicle prototypes have driven more than 8 million miles using our inertial systems. U.S. and allied soldiers from 23 different countries depend upon our TACNAV® systems for mission-critical navigation. Now, KVH reinvents fiber optic technology with its revolutionary PIC Inside tech that improves reliability and repeatability in any autonomous application.

Navigation & Control Positioning & Georeferencing PIC Inside Technology  

KVH: Making the Complex Simple

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