Commercial-grade Satellite TV for Your Fleet

Live TV is unmatched in its power to help your crew feel connected to home and world events. Turn to KVH’s award-winning TracVision® systems with advanced tracking, easy-to-use controls, and support for regional satellite TV services worldwide to deliver the live entertainment and news they want with crystal-clear reception whether in rough seas or calm.



Stunning HDTV via the TracVision HD-series

Stunning HDTV via the TracVision HD-series

The advanced TracVision HD-series offers full support for the highest quality satellite TV programs with full support for HDTV services worldwide, including DIRECTV® Ka/Ku-band HDTV broadcasts, with rugged, commercial-grade, easy-to-use antennas.

TracVision HD-series Products

TracVision HD11 Satellite Television
TracVision HD11

The ultimate global 1 m satellite TV solution for both Ku-band and DIRECTV Ka-band services

TracVision HD7 Satellite Television
TracVision HD7

60 cm satellite TV system for use in the Americas and with DIRECTV Ka/Ku-band HDTV service

NMEA Award TracVision

For 22 consecutive years, TracVision has won the highest honor in marine electronics: the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Product Excellence Award, a testament to TracVision’s reliability, performance, and KVH’s global service and support.



TracVision TV-series

Unsurpassed Viewing with the TracVision TV-series

Choose the KVH TracVision TV-series to equip your vessels with high-performance tracking and reception even in heavy seas. With full compatibility with Ku-band standard and HD satellite TV services worldwide, the TracVision TV-series reliably delivers hundreds of digital TV, movie, and music channels.

TracVision TV-series Products

TracVision TV8
TracVision TV8

81 cm antenna for worldwide coverage on vessels traveling offshore for extended cruising

TracVision TV6 dome
TracVision TV6

60 cm antenna for extended coverage, perfectly suited for boats heading offshore for short or long voyages

TracVision TV5
TracVision TV5

45 cm satellite TV antenna with high-performance tracking and reception for smaller vessels

TracVision TV3 dome
TracVision TV3

Ultra-compact 37 cm satellite TV antenna for vessels operating within 100 nautical miles of shore

TracVision TV1 dome
TracVision TV1

Ultra-compact 32 cm satellite TV antenna for coastal cruising or sailboats

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