Delivering the Tools to Meet Your IoT at Sea Needs

KVH maritime connectivity systems, whether deployed as part of AgilePlans or purchased, offer KVH Watch IoT connectivity to support your IoT data and remote support needs. Plus, we deploy powerful IoT tools on your behalf to increase efficiency and improve uptime.

Tools You Can Leverage

KVH’s VSAT systems with KVH Watch meet both your operational and crew connectivity needs as well as your company's IoT and remote support requirements, including 24/7 IoT data delivery along with Remote Expert Support Sessions via chat, voice, and video using Librestream.

binary data tunnel

Basic 24/7 machine-to-machine connectivity
Flow offers the benefits of 24/7 data delivery from networked systems and sensors onboard. Supported by either the Unlimited Use or High-speed data channels, Flow enables ship-to-shore data transmission ideally suited for daily IoT data needs for real-time system monitoring, performance analytics, and more.

crew member holding a tablet utilizing KVH's Watch Remote Intervention feature
Remote Expert Support Sessions

Connecting experts on shore with crew onboard
Bring the power of action to your IoT and digital service data using Remote Expert Support Sessions. The KVH High-speed data channel, with data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up), enables real-time video collaboration between experts on shore and the crew onboard.

vessel tracking chart
Vessel Tracking

Real-time Vessel Visibility
mini-VSAT Broadband’s Vessel Tracking Service delivers as much as 12 months of track and position vessel data at any time, with updates as often as every 90 seconds and available via any Internet-connected device.

KVH IoT & Remote Support

We rely on KVH Watch software and IoT capabilities to monitor the performance of our own products and provide remote support to ensure that your connectivity at sea is second to none.

Proactive Monitoring
IoT Proactive Monitoring

The integrated IoT functionality built into every KVH terminal reports daily on 150+ performance and health parameters to help KVH automated systems, engineers, and technicians optimize your system’s performance for a premium connectivity experience.

Big Data
Big Data Predictive Analysis

With thousands of vessels worldwide, KVH is able to draw on the power of anonymized big data to identify and respond to system and service trends then proactively respond so your connectivity is always optimized.

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