KVH Watch Solution Partners

The connected ship and IoT are revolutionizing the maritime industry. KVH maritime connectivity systems, whether deployed as part of AgilePlans or purchased, offer KVH Watch IoT connectivity and together with our IoT service partners, are making new maritime IoT applications a reality.

IoCurrents Watch Partner

Developers of vessel performance optimization solutions for a sustainable shipping industry
GreenSteam is an innovative maritime data intelligence company providing solutions to improve vessel efficiency through machine learning, working with vessels of all types. KVH Watch will enable the movement of data from vessels to shore-based analysts more frequently and reliably in real-time.

IoCurrents Watch Partner

Data analytics innovator for real-time remote vessel analytics
Seattle-based ioCurrents is the creator of the MarineInsight platform, a data analysis tool focused on improving maintenance, predicting failures, and optimizing fuel all with the end result of smarter shipping. KVH Watch will enable real-time data transfer and on-demand video tech support sessions.

Kilo Marine Electronics
Kilo Marine Electronics

Marine technical services provider
Kilo Marine provides digital services via its V-Node platform, a powerful IoT data acquisition tool offering intelligent data processing and compatibility with a wide range of electrical data formats. KVH Watch will enable real-time analytics and direct on-demand video interventions.

Kongsberg Digital Watch Partner
Kongsberg Digital

Provider of next generation software and digital solutions
Kongsberg Digital’s solutions include Vessel Insight, a SaaS-based solution that provides vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure for capturing and aggregating quality data in a cost effective and secure way. KVH Watch will enable real-time monitoring and intervention.

netfeasa intelligent connectivity
Net Feasa

IoT service provider with expertise in supply chain logistics
Ireland-based Net Feasa is a fully licensed and trusted wireless service provider specializing in the design and deployment of on-vessel networks for container tracking and monitoring. KVH Watch will enable Net Feasa to enhance global container tracking and monitoring.

Smart Ship Hub

Innovator in onboard wireless connectivity solutions for vessels
ScanReach’s onboard wireless connectivity technology enables data to travel anywhere on the vessel without cabling, a breakthrough for the steel-vessel environment. KVH Watch Cloud Connect will enable ScanReach to provide vessels with a sensor-to-cloud data solution.

Smart Ship Hub
Smart Ship Hub

Digital platform for remote vessel management
Smart Ship Hub provides performance advisory and predictive diagnostics for vessel performance optimization, remote video-based maintenance and surveys, and a wide range of related services. KVH Watch will enable video, image, and real-time machine data for solving critical issues at sea.

Smart Vessel Optimizer Logo
Smart Vessel Optimizer

IoT platform provider using vessel data to optimize fleet performance
TechBinder leverages the power of new technologies to create solutions that optimize maritime operations, including the innovative Smart Vessel Optimizer platform for data analytics. KVH Watch will enable data flow to create a real-time visual of vessels’ key performance indicators.

StratumFive Logo

Voyage informatics specialists creating one complete picture uniting ship and shore
StratumFive is a leading voyage intelligence provider to more than 13,000 ships and the creator of Podium, an award-winning voyage informatics platform. KVH Watch will support StratumFive’s ability to help vessels achieve efficiencies in tracking, routing, safety, security, fuel consumption, and emissions.

TMS Maritime Solutions Watch Partner
TMS Maritime Solutions

IoT and marine services expert
TMS Maritime Solutions is an innovative IoT service platform integrator providing the maritime industry with solutions including IoT sensors and applications, connectivity, information technology, cybersecurity, and other fully managed solutions. KVH Watch will enable remote maintenance and troubleshooting video sessions.

Smart Ship Hub
Tile Marine

Leading supplier of electrical, electronic, and mechanical services for the marine industry
Tile Marine's services cover a wide range of electrical, electronic, and mechanical work for shipowners and shipyards in India and the Middle East. KVH Watch will provide dedicated IoT connectivity for remote monitoring and will enable service repairs at sea.

TMS Maritime Solutions Watch Partner

Supply chain tracking innovator
TrakAssure’s technology utilizes specialized sensors and communications networks to build visibility across the supply chain. KVH Watch connectivity will enable TrakAssure to connect cargo throughout the deep-sea portion of the transportation journey.

"The ioCurrents MarineInsight platform notifies key stakeholders, onboard and shoreside, when and where to focus with real-time, remote vessel analytics. Together, ioCurrents and KVH will enable people to have better troubleshooting conversations when it matters most by offering an unprecedented, comprehensive ship-to-shore experience, providing key insights with unmatched speed and reliability."

Jon Best, Head of Partnerships, ioCurrents
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"The pillars of Smart Ship Hub’s services include remote tracking, monitoring, and providing actionable insights to our customers so their vessels operate as safely and efficiently as possible. We look forward to using KVH Watch connectivity to enable video, image, and real-time machine data that provides situational awareness and the most accurate assessment of vessel condition at any moment."

Joy Basu, CEO, Smart Ship Hub
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