Hybrid Maritime Communications for Fleets Made Simple

AgilePlans® ONE delivers everything your fleet needs for better business at sea – with no CAPEX and no long-term commitment. One affordable monthly subscription provides the speed and reliability of the KVH ONE™ global network and hybrid TracNet™ terminals, subsidized shipping and installation, plus zero maintenance costs.

  • Choice of TracNet 37 cm, 60 cm, and 1 m hybrid communication terminals
  • KVH ONE hybrid network intelligently integrates satellite, cellular, and shore-based Wi-Fi channels
  • No CAPEX, installation, or maintenance costs
  • All-inclusive month-to-month subscription with flexible suspension policies

TracNet Product Family
Wi-Fi Satellite Cellular Venn Diagram
oil rig, container ship, and workboats equipped with KVH antenna and AgilePlans
workboat equipped with KVH antenna and AgilePlans

Discover the Benefits of AgilePlans ONE

Introducing AgilePlans ONE

AgilePlans in 5 Easy Steps

“AgilePlans ONE allowed us to bring TracNet H90’s hybrid connectivity onboard our research vessel with no upfront investment and convenient monthly payments.”

Hans Smit, CEO, Ocean Minerals LLC (OML)

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Hardware, Cybersecurity & Content


KVH TracNet Hybrid Terminals

Enjoy the fastest, most reliable connectivity at sea via the groundbreaking TracNet H-series terminals – 37 cm TracNet H30, 60 cm TracNet H60, and 1 m TracNet H90. Each system includes fully integrated satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology with intelligent, automatic network switching that keeps you connected to the best service at all times.

Stay connected with two simultaneous VSAT channels, crystal-clear VoIP calling, and more. With a single-cable design and a commercial-grade rotary joint, the TracNet terminals offer easy installation along with high-performance tracking in all sea states thanks to their multi-axis pedestal designs, stabilized skew, digital IMUs, and advanced motor controllers.

KVH reserves the right to ship equivalent hardware based on product availability and customer service requirements.

TracNet H30  | H60 | H90 

TracNet Product Family

Installation & Support


When you want connectivity added to your vessels, you want a quick and easy installation. That’s why every AgilePlans ONE subscription includes coordination by the KVH Service Delivery Group plus free standard shipping and AgilePlans Standard Installation* in commercial ports around the globe.

* see kvh.com/agileports for details regarding free standard shipping and free installation

Global Technical Support

Optimize your SATCOM availability with the KVH OneCare™ Global Technical Assistance Package, zero maintenance costs for as long as you subscribe, and KVH IoT Proactive Performance Monitoring, an industry first.


Terminal & Network Security

KVH is committed to reducing the risk of cyberthreats and disruption to the network, your data, and your operations. That’s why every AgilePlans ONE deployment includes:

  • KVH’s exclusive multi-level cybersecurity program covering satellite and terrestrial networks, and more
  • Terminal-based, advanced network-level firewall, automated threat management, secure boot, encrypted drives, and more
  • Separation of data: terminal management and customer data are stored separately and securely
  • Support from KVH’s cybersecurity incident response team

Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Further enhance your AgilePlans ONE deployment with optional enterprise-grade cybersecurity employing the KVH Managed Firewall Service with:

  • Advanced firewall and basic routing monitoring traffic and securing your connection
  • Application-level controls/features preventing unauthorized programs from executing
  • IPSEC/SSL VPN-capable, SD-WAN functionality supporting remote access and tunneling
  • Intrusion detection/prevention and advanced malware protection
  • Web/application filtering and antispam service

Crew Wellbeing

AgilePlans Crew Welfare
Daily News and More

KVH Link keeps your crew connected to events at home with daily world and national news via NEWSlink™—included with AgilePlans ONE. KVH Link upgrade packages are also available to deliver best-in-class movies, music radio, TV, sports, trending social videos, and onboard karaoke.
(TracNet H60 & H90 only)

Optional Backup

Iridium Certus Service with Choice of Terminals

Iridium Certus is the perfect companion service for your AgilePlans subscription with both standard and high-speed options available from KVH. Our recommended solution, the Thales VesseLINK 200, offers an ultra-compact design with data speeds as fast as 176/176 Kbps (up/down). Seeking a higher-speed solution? We offer Iridium Certus service with data speeds as fast as 704/176 Kbps (up/down), delivered via either the Thales VesseLINK 700 or the SAILOR 4300 terminals.1 Each system offers pole-to-pole Iridium Certus coverage, least-cost routing with KVH VSAT systems,2 and two voice lines. Plus, you enjoy the confidence that comes with out-of-band management for remote terminal support anywhere on the globe.

1System model shipped will be at KVH’s discretion
2KVH Commbox service required; contact KVH Application Engineering for details

Sailor 4300 and Thales 200 and 700 antennas

Value-added Services

Included Services

Basic KVH Vessel Tracking Service

Understand where your vessel is and track its route to its destination with KVH’s complimentary basic level of vessel tracking, which provides 1 hour selection and 5 hours visibility of vessel position and track.

mini-VSAT Manager Vessel Tracking screen
KVH Watch IoT Connectivity

AgilePlans ONE includes KVH Watch IoT capabilities – Flow to support your 24/7 ship-to-shore IoT data transfer needs and Remote Expert Support Sessions to connect experts on shore to your crew via real-time video conferencing. Plus, KVH deploys powerful IoT tools on your behalf to increase efficiency and improve uptime.

Optional Static IP

Global Static IP Addresses

KVH’s global private terrestrial network links all KVH global HTS network teleports worldwide, allowing for more robust malware and threat detection and enhanced network security. Sign up for a single public IP address for secure addressability to your onboard system from the Internet.

AgilePlans Static IP

More Entertainment

(Available mid 2023)

KVH Link Entertainment & Sports

AgilePlans Global subscribers can add the KVH Link SPORTSlink and Entertainment Packages at any time. Enjoy sports news, stories, and video highlights, along with sports talk and documentaries, and more. The Entertainment Package includes early release and classic movies; full seasons of popular TV programs; music radio and karaoke; and trending social videos, all in an array of languages with a best-in-class user experience on TVs and mobile devices.

Stunning HDTV via the TracVision HD-series

AgilePlans ONE Coverage

AgilePlans ONE offers a seamless network experience delivered by the KVH ONE hybrid network.

  • Global HTS Ku-band satellite network, with 276 million sq km (106 million sq miles) of coverage, powered by Intelsat
  • Cellular support in 150+ countries as far as 32+ km (20+ miles) offshore
  • Compatible with shore-based Wi-Fi networks

AgilePlans ONE HTS Coverage Map
Global HTS Coverage*
AgilePlans ONE LTE Coverage Map
Cellular Coverage*

Product Literature/Supporting Documents

Need more information about this product and how customers are using it to succeed? Check out all of the supporting materials for this product, including brochures, specification sheets, rate plans, case studies, eBooks, and more.

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What If?

While we’re confident that AgilePlans ONE will be the ideal connectivity solution for your fleet, we do know that your situation is always evolving, especially in the challenging commercial maritime industry. Vessels may be sold or laid up. Your connectivity needs may change.

What if I sell any of my vessels?

Send the hardware back or just transfer it to the new owner/management company. There is no long-term commitment or contract. It's that easy.

What if I need to lay up some of my fleet?

Choose the affordable VoIP-only Suspension Plan so that your SATCOM is ready to go as soon as the vessels are working again or send the hardware back to KVH and cancel your subscription.

What if I decide I don't like the service?

Send the hardware back. There is no penalty for ending your subscription.

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