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Airtime Services

mini-VSAT Broadband

Activation process, rates, forms and links to other customer resources

KVH AgilePlans

Resources site for everything from activation forms to ports listing for AgilePlans Global & Regional

LTE Broadband

Activation process, rates, and services

Other Services

Iridium Backup Services

Activation forms and rates for Iridium Certus and OpenPort backup services

KVH CommBox Network Manager

Activation forms, rates, and documentation

Inmarsat Airtime

Activation forms, rates, and documentation

KVH Airtime Services Worldwide

We are available 24/7/365

Contact Airtime Services:

Europe, Middle East & Africa Tel: +
North & South America Tel: +1.401.851.3862
Asia Tel: +65.31584084
U.S.A. & Canada Tel: +1.866.399.8509 (toll-free)
Global Fax Number Fax: +1.401.851.3823

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